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First Parish Church, est. 1635     High Road, Newbury


Established in 1635, with church buildings constructed in 1647, 1661, 1699, 1806, and 1869.  Pictured here is a woodcut of the 1699 building, photographs of the 1806 building (inside the cemetery) and the 1869 (current) building across the street from the cemetery.  A full history of the church can be found here.

Byfield Parish Church, est. 1702     Jackman Street, Georgetown, at Newbury line, Byfield


Established in 1702, with church buildings constructed in 1702, 1833, 1932, and 1988.  The first three buildings stood at the current location of the 1932 building (now a private residence); the 1988 building was built on the next lot to the west.  Images here show each of the church buildings in chronological order.  A complete history of the church can be found here.

Community United Methodist Church, est. 1832     Central Street and Church Street, Byfield


With humble beginnings in 1827 and a small chapel built in 1830, the church wasn't formally organized until 1832.   The 1830 building was at Great Rock until 1855, when it was moved to the current location of the church, at the fork of Central Street and Church Street.  The present building was dedicated in 1902.  More information on the founding of the church can be found here.

Gospel Hall, est. 1877     Central Street and Main Street, Byfield


The congregation of Byfield's Gospel Hall was organized in 1877 and rented Bailey's Hall from 1879 until they purchased it in the 1940s.  The present building was erected on the site of Bailey's Hall in 1975, at the corner of Central and Main Streets.

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