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Adelynrood     Elm Street, Byfield

The Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross was begun in 1884, and for many years the organization rented space from nearby Dummer Academy.  In 1915 the current complex of buildings was completed and named Adelynrood after Adelyn Howard, a friend of founder Emily Morgan, who was an invalid in need of "spiritual companionship."  Adelyn's name was combined with rood, meaning "cross."  Today, Adelynrood operates as a spiritual retreat center.

Newbury Grange     formerly at the location of the current Town Hall

Formerly located on the site of today's Town Hall, the Newbury Grange was destroyed by fire in 1927.  The replacement building was sold to the town in 1937 for use as a Town Hall.  In 1938 the old Town Hall building on Middle Road was sold and moved to the Littlefield Farm, where it remains a farm building.

Parker Hall     formerly on High Road, south of First Parish Burial Ground

In 1849 the General Court ordered the construction of a high school to serve the Town of Newbury.  Five years later the law was amended and the building became vacant.  In 1856 the ladies of the Parish Circle of the First Parish Church moved quickly to secure the building for use by the church (which at that time stood on the same side of the road, just a short distance away).  Two members went to Newburyport to secure the loan to purchase the "first floor of the building". Successful, they took the loan in gold; having no transportation, they walked back to Newbury carrying the gold, where one of the women hid it in her husband’s bed chamber that night.  The next morning they went to Town Hall and secured the deed for the first floor.  Eventually, the second floor and then the land were purchased through the hard work and determination of the Parish Circle.  After the construction of Holton Hall in the basement of the church in the early 1960s, Parker Hall fell out of use and was taken down in 1971.

South Byfield Post Office     formerly on Elm Street, Byfield

This 1918 photo shows a tiny building on Elm Street west of Governor Dummer Academy.  The Post Office was also located at the Knight-Ambrose House for a period of time, as well as the Caldwell House, both of which are on Elm Street, as well.

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